Are organic products better for your baby?

Are organic products better for your baby?

Many moms-to-be are looking for organic products to prevent fetal health complications during their first trimester. Some parents discover the importance of using organic products after their babies are born. This could be organic food, organic clothing and organic lotions. 

It does not matter what you do, but it will be great for you to learn that you can protect your baby's skin using organic products. 

We explain why it is important to use organic products below so you can make the right decision for your family. 


1. No Chemicals or Pesticides

Cotton is one of the best fabrics that most people use. It is one of the most popular fabrics, however it is heavily sprayed with pesticides. 

These pesticides get into your body through your skin very quickly. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester, acrylic or nylon are produced from oil. 

However, organic cotton fabric is free from any pesticides and risky substances which provides peace of mind for parents, but it can also help reduce the chances of baby's skin becoming irritated. Anti bacterial and anti allergic organic cotton reduces the risk of your baby's getting allergies. This is brilliant for kids who have eczema and allergies.  


2 - Durability 

Organic cotton is as strong as a good quality cotton, in most cases it is much better than conventional cotton. On top of it, it is naturally grown without using extra sprays. 

It is also farmed with care, so it gives a better quality. You can wash  organic clothes again and again without worrying about falling apart or looking shabby.  

Organic cotton can be used for essentials for babies such as bodysuits, sleep suits, pants, t-shirts, underwear and sweatshirts. You can use them in all seasons without your baby getting hot or cold. Because it is anti bacterial, it is perfect as a bedding sets for babies and kids. 




3 - Comfy and Cosy 

Organic cotton baby clothes are more comfortable for babies and kids. Babies love to stretch and move fast, although older kids like running around. So it is perfect for all ages. It is comfortable at home or playing outside. It does not matter if you live in a hot climate or cold, organic cotton keeps your baby's body temperature still. It is ideal for swaddling for newborns or use as a blanket for children. 


4 - Less environmental impact 

If you love your planet and want to look after it, it is important to choose eco-friendly products. Organic cotton fields put less pressure on nature, because it ensures that farmers detoxify the land before they plant organic cotton seeds. Since they do not use chemicals, they do not kill the natural bugs and animals around their fields. Every time you buy an organic product, you not only protect your child, but also you protect Mother Earth. 



Why should we choose organic baby clothes?

Why should we choose organic baby clothes?

Our little story about sensitive skin! 

We did not know anything about organic cotton until 2011. When Ethan was born, he had slight skin rashes for the first few days which we thought it was normal. However, as time went on, we have realised that his rashes spread all of his body, leaving him very uncomfortable all day and all night. 

As he was my first child and I wanted to buy the best products for him, I have bought all of his clothes from very reputable shops in London. After we found out that his skin was reacting to chemicals and dyes in the fabric, we had to change all of his clothes to organic cotton clothes. 

Luckily, I was fortune enough to be able to buy them online. We have also changed our detergent to organic detergent, we made sure that we used organic soap and lotion in the bath. Even a towel was making his skin reddish, we had to start using super soft bamboo muslins as a bath towel. 

His skin has improved few weeks later. He is now 10 years old and still wearing organic clothing. 

As soon as I have realised how important to use organic products, our product choices have changed. As a result of this, we decide to produce organic and natural baby clothes to make sure that more kids can benefit from it. 

We also very conscious about our environment and we want to make sure that we give back something to our world.

So we have started to "Plant 1 tree for every product sold" project with Tree Nation. Our aim is to plant a billion tree in the future. 

What is the benefits of organic cotton? 

 - No chemicals or pesticides:

Our Organic cotton and bamboo clothing is free from any chemicals or pesticides that are found on synthetic materials. Organic cotton does not require any chemicals to grow the cotton and bamboo is naturally grown with just water. Perfect for sensitive skin babies and kids. 

Organic Baby Clothing

- Durability: 

Our organic cotton and bamboo clothes can be more durable than conventional cotton. Organic cotton is farmed with more care and you can have a better quality and durable clothes for your little one. 

- Sustainable resource 

Organic cotton production puts less impact on the environment. Since there is no need for chemicals and pesticides, our nature can be cleaner. Since the farmers don't use harmful chemicals, they don't kill the animals and bugs around them. 

As Bebekish we care about our environment and our children's future. 

- Better for farmers 

The farmers who are working in the conventional cotton fields put their life to risks. Even now, some farmer's children can be disabled due to using high chemicals to grow the cotton. 

Using organic cotton can help farmer's and their families to be healthier and happier. 

- Soft and more comfortable for kids 

Organic cotton and bamboo clothes are incredibly soft and gentle for sensitive skin. It is superb for kids who want to be comfortable all day and night.

Our aim is to create better clothing range for babies and kids so that they can be happy all day with comfy clothes and also healthier. We also love to look after our world for our kid's future.  

Bamboo Baby Clothing