Nowadays most parents use muslin cloths which are very versatile and can be used for many things. Let's learn a bit more about muslins. 

First of all muslin is a breathable fabric. 

The lightweight fabric of muslin allows good air circulation and reduces the risk of over heating. The quality of muslin keeps baby calm, relax and comfortable. It is therefore perfect for newborns. 

When you first become a mum, you should get at least two muslins. You can use one of them while you wash other. However, you will use it everywhere so you will need more as time goes on. 

You can add them on your baby shower list to get your friends buy it for you.

Secondly it is durable. It has what is called a “plain weave”, which means it’s made from a crisscross pattern. Weaving a product in the natural fiber (especially with a bamboo rayon) make a huge difference than ordinary cotton cloths.

All of sustainable Bebekish muslin blankets are pre-washed so that when you buy it, you can feel the silky soft fabric and stays that way wash after wash.

Eco friendly Bebekish muslin swaddles have generous size (120cmx120cm) - 47"x47" 

Bebekish Bamboo Muslin Cloth
Where do we use Muslins?
Bath and Pool Tower
Sun shade –
Nursing Cover
Burp Cloth
Change Pad
Play Mat