Car Seat Accessories

If your baby gets cranky in the middle of the road trip, this can be because she has a disrupted nap.

Help your baby get some good sleep while on the road with Bebekish Car Seat Cover that can block any ambient sight.

2019 Bizzie Baby Award Winner Bebekish Push Chair Cloths and Car Seat accessories are loved by babies and parents.

It is breathable, natural, anti allergic and anti bacterial feature makes it ideal for newborns and allergic kids.

Customer reviews
The car seat cover came in a nice book that has a lovely design on it and the writing was very stand out. I like the fact it protects the baby from the sun and wind as like I say he hates the wind in his face so this is the perfect solution. I managed to put it on the car seat straight away and even tried it on the carry cot of my pram which worked quite well too meaning it was very versatile. ​
— A. Kemp - G. 3 months
The first impression we got was that the quality of the fabric was great, really soft.. It’s great that it is a safe way to keep baby warm or cool with the Bebekish cover. Perfect quality, very soft and didn’t loose shape when it is washed. We have showed some friends and family and they were impressed. Would like to see if it works well in hot weather and doesn’t trap heat inside like a towel or muslin would.
— T. Camp - M. 4 months