Why do we love bamboo?

This wonderful plant grows in tropical and temperate environments and is very durable, does not need pesticides or well-grown herbicides. It grows very quickly.Bamboo needs minimal water to grow and it grows up to 40 metre in a month, provides 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees.  It needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre. Although it performs so well as a fabric. That's why we love bamboo so much. 

Ideal for allergic kids

It is perfect for allergy prone skin. It is anti static and soft against your skin, it does not irritate. It is incredibly soft. Babies love the softness of bamboo. We create cloths that keep babies warm in winter and cool in summer.

Does not need pesticides 

Bamboo does not need pesticides in order to thrive. Pesticides can contaminate fresh drinking water supplies and seriously damage the soil health and ecosystem.