Babies spend most of their time sleeping up to 16-20 hours a day. Good uninterrupted sleep is essential for their mental and physical development.

Since they spend majority of their time in bed, it is essential that they have soft and comfortable beddings.

It is important that the sheet does not accumulate heat or accelerate allergies. This is why bamboo bedding sets are ideal for your children.


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Customer reviews
Very impressed with the quality of the packaging and presentation of the bedding set in the lovely box. I thought the concept of the set being made from sustainable bamboo fabric was great. Also that it was anti- bacterial/allergic and could be used throughout all seasons were good design factors. This fitted our bed perfectly. My toddler likes the feel of certain fabrics against his skin and he particularly liked how soft this set was once on. The entire set washed and ironed well.
— K. Raker - A. 3 yrs
I loved the quality of the fabric and how soft it was. I was shocked at the price, but this will last for years. I have in the past purchased much cheaper bedding sets and after numerous washes they start to fall apart. If you want quality and something that will last and last then you need to pay a higher price. Now I have tested this it is worth the investment and I will be buying another set so I can have new one on my daughters bed while other one in the wash. Excellent quality and so comfortable my daughter loved the feel of the fabric and would snuggle up in bed at night.
— J. Stands - I. 3 yrs
I really liked the packaging and thought the duvet was neatly wrapped and looked professionally done. The box it came in was good quality and I immediately had a good first impression. The fabric is lovely and soft and the duvet cover is great.
— E. Babb - B. 30 months