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We have been working hard to reach many of our customers through online, adverts and editorial news on the newspaper or magazines.

Sustainability is very important to us. We want to reach out families who care about their environment as much as we do and those who want to buy organic and natural products to protect their children and their future.

Here is some of our works!


Magazine, Social Media & Awards

Bebekish is so delighted to work with reputable newspapers and magazines in the UK. It is a great opportunity to introduce our story to parents who are as passionate as we are about sustainable products.

We are not only helping families to raise their kids healthy but also, we are looking after the environment and our planet. So it is great to see you here...

The Guardians - Modern Family

TheModern Family is a full-colour, tabloid-sized newspaper, distributed with The Guardian and packed with tips and inspiration to help parents give their children the best start in life!

We are so delighted that we were able to reach The Guardian Readers through Modern Family Magazine in September 2021.

It was a pleasure for us to meet with those families, as a company that strives to spread the sustainable lifestyle. 

The London Evening Standards - Family Values

It is great to have a part of the London Evening Standards Magazine to reach out London mums.

We have reached over 325.000 families with printed copies and 210.000 with digital copies.


Bizzie Baby 2019

We were so proud of our products win Bizzie Baby Awards 2019 Bronze and Silver.

Our muslins are reviewed by mums for 3 months. They have used them at home with their kids and given rating for them.

Baby Magazine

www.babymagazine.co.uk is one of the parent's portal into all things about parenting, the best baby products and the best parenting advices.

Bebekish is very proud of cooperation with Baby Magazine and its visitors. We would like to reach as many as parents we can who love to have a high quality and affordable baby products for their little one's.


Bizzie Baby 2021

It is very important to us what parents think of our products. Once we have a chance, we are so delighted to test our products with lots of parents.

UK mums have tested our products for 3 months and they have rated Bebekish products for Gold, Silver and Bronce Awards. Let's see what they have said about us....