As parents, we want the best products for our kids. We blend natural, breathable, soft and anti-allergic bamboo and organic cotton to create the best quality products for our kids whilst protecting the environment

🌳 We plant a tree for every product we sell 🌳

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
A lovely high end quality children’s bedding set, that comes in impressive packaging, feels and looks good on. Washes great and is designed to ensure little ones sleep safely and soundly. It covers all and more it needs to! Great item.
— Kiran R.
Customer reviews
This product is overall an amazing concept and design, baby is kept out of the elements but in a safe way with the lightweight breathable muslin material which gives you piece of mind that baby is ok in there. The canopy was so easy to use and can be used on other products as well.
— Andrea K.
Customer reviews
It was so nicely packaged and looked really good quality. My baby has sensitive skin and this didn’t irritate it at all. She loves snuggling into it, and it also washes really well.
— Perina C.
Customer reviews
I give this cover full marks as the packaging is all recyclable it is environmentally friendly whilst being soft, lightweight, breathable and providing good coverage. This is my fifth baby I wish I found this cover sooner I’ve spent many years trying to hold a blanket over myself and baby. I love the softness of this cover.
— Katie C.
Customer reviews
Isabela feels super comfy and softness all day along. We love your bamboo clothes because they're organic, natural and anti allergic that don't irritate child's sensitive skin.
— Luiza
Customer reviews
I bought Bebekish muslin cloths on my friend's recommendation. We have been using them for 2 years. They are still so soft. We use them as a blanket, bath towel and sea towel. We look forward to having other products too.
— Didem K.
Customer reviews
The bodysuit arrived in a gorgeous presentation bag which can be used again and again. The bodysuit itself was amazing quality. It was so soft and luxurious. The concept is great. My son has sensitive skin so I’m grateful for items such as this.It is clear that a lot of thought and love has gone into creating these clothes.
— Nyasha M.
Customer reviews
My niece Hunter uses this muslin. He uses it to put over him for nap times and kept him warm, again very light, but surprised me how comfy Hunter was with it over him and when he woke he was really warm. We have used it nearly every day since having it for one purpose or another as it is very multi-functional.
— Gemma H.
Customer reviews
I still use the muslin that I bought for my daughter years ago. The softest muslin I have ever bought. My daughter still enjoys using it. It is a very high quality and durable muslin. I have even bought it for myself.
— Yesim C.

Sustainable Living

Sustainable living aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes to climate change and other negative environmental concerns. 

We want to make sure that our kids will have a breathable air.

What is the healthiest food to eat while pregnant?

When you are pregnant it is very important to have healthy meals with essential nutrients and vitamins. It is also very important to have a healthy meal to reduce the risk of complications.

Bedtime routines for babies

A consistent bedtime routine is essential for babies to develop good sleeping habits. A bedtime routine signals your baby that it is time to go to bed and relax. The best routine works with the family and needs to be done consistently.

Allergic Babies

Some kids are born with allergies due to their family genetics or environmental conditions. No parent wants to see their child suffer. Any child can develop allergies, but they are more common in children from families with a history of allergies.

Better for the Planet

We use natural bamboo, sustainable, hypoallergenic, anti bacterial, breathable, super soft. It also maintains body temperature.

Bamboo needs minimal water to grow and it grows up to 40 metre in a month, provides 35% more oxygen than hardwood trees.  It needs half the land cotton needs to produce the same amount of fibre. Although it performs so well as a fabric. That's why we love bamboo so much.