Bebekish Forest

Every year 3.5 billion trees are lost. Trees are highly important for healthy climate. Humans, animals and environment depend upon trees for survival. Therefore, as deforestation continues, we must put back what we’re taking away.

Why are we Planting Tree? 

Trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions. They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil.

Air Quality and Climate: Trees are nature's air purifiers. They absorb carbon dioxide, one of the primary greenhouse gases responsible for global warming, and release oxygen, essential for all life. By planting trees, we contribute to a cleaner, healthier atmosphere, mitigating the effects of climate change and enhancing air quality for everyone.

Biodiversity: Trees are the cornerstone of diverse ecosystems. They provide habitats and food sources for a wide array of wildlife, from insects to birds to mammals. By planting trees, we help protect and preserve biodiversity, ensuring the survival of countless species.

Temperature Regulation: Trees offer natural climate control by providing cooling shade, reducing the heat island effect in urban areas, and lowering temperatures. This not only improves our immediate comfort but also helps counter the rising global temperatures associated with climate change.

Soil Health: Trees play a crucial role in maintaining fertile and stable soil. Their roots prevent erosion by anchoring the soil, while their leaf litter enriches it with organic matter, essential nutrients, and moisture. This promotes healthier and more productive soil for agriculture and supports the growth of plants and trees.

Water Quality: Trees play a pivotal role in filtering and purifying water. They help in natural water retention, preventing soil erosion and filtering pollutants. This, in turn, ensures the availability of clean and safe water for both ecosystems and human consumption.

Future Generations: Planting trees is an investment in the future. The trees we plant today will mature and continue to provide these benefits for generations to come, ensuring a sustainable and thriving world for our children and their descendants.

We want to reforest the world by planting over a million tree in the next 10 years.

In order to do this; we are in a partnership with Tree-Nation in order to plant trees all over the world. Tree Nation allow us to plant a tree for every product sold.

You will receive an email from our partner Tree-Nation, an NGO dedicated to fighting with climate change. Including the planting certificate and more information about the reforestation projects that Bebekish supports. 

You can also help us to plant trees where there is a tree planting project managed by Tree-Nation. 

You can check out our Bebekish Forest which is going to grow over time.