Bebekish has been offering high quality, super soft, beautifully designed ethical and sustainable children products since 2014. We have started our business in Turkey as a distributor for reputable brands.

In 2016, we started designing and making our own products under Bebekish brand. There is a nice story behind Bebekish! And our primary character is my lovely son, Ethan.

Our story has started in 2011 when Ethan was born with skin irritation and allergy problems. I have been advised to use organic and bamboo products for him which would ease his symptoms. I was not thinking that would be possible, but it did.

So I have started researching about bamboo and organic cotton and soon I have realised that using sustainable materials for children's need is not only beneficial to them but also it is beneficial for our environment.

Quality not a quantity

The more I learnt about textile materials and its effects on the environment, the more I started to become more conscious about what we buy for us and for our children.

As a concerned parent, we always prefer buying high quality products for our children. We prefer slow fashion to fast fashion, quality to quantity and we are very concerned about their future and our planet.

Our Promise

Bebekish will continue designing high quality, soft, comfortable, safe and secure ethical sustainable products that will keep children happy and comfy all day along.

We do take care of our customers and their needs so we provide the best customer service as possible.

All Bebekish products are sourced and manufactured ethically. We ensure that all people in our supply chain paid fairly and treated with dignity.

We set our goals to look after the babies, their future and our environment.


Let's make a difference to the planet!

We believe that we can make a difference to our planet if we become more conscious
about our choices and how we produce our products.

Reducing and Reusing - Our goal is to reduce the usage of water from growing of the bamboo to manufacture of our clothes, to the way to recycle.

Planting Trees - We have started our Bebekish Forest partnership with Tree Nation. We plant 1 tree for every product sold. We are committed to create a greener and cleaner world with you.

Certified Products - Bebekish has OEKOTEX Standard 100 Class 1 & GOTS Certificate.

"Because we care about our children, their future and our planet"