Our story

Everything has started in 2011 due to Ethan, my son's skin irritation and allergy problems. I have been suggested that organic and bamboo products would overcome my son's condition so I have started researching about bamboo and soon I have realised that it is a wonderful grass.

Firstly bamboo is sustainable, super strong and eco friendly. Secondly, it has so many positive properties on humans health.

The more I learnt about textile materials and its effects on the environment, the more I started to become more conscious about our environment.

In order to provide a future for our kids, sustainable, eco friendly, natural and healthy products became our core value.

Wonderful plant bamboo!

Bamboo helps people with allergy problems due to having anti allergic and anti bacterial properties. It regulates body temperature so you don't get too hot or too cold. It is also extremely soft that you don't want to use any other materials.

I have bought many sustainable bamboo products in various countries and my son's condition started to improve and I have bought bamboo baby products for my family and friends.

eco friendly bedding

Bebekish is born!

Soon, lots of people started to asking me where they can get these bamboo products. Because these products have helped many people who were suffering from allergies and skin irritations and it was very difficult to reach these products in Turkey, I have decided leaving my corporate business life to establish Bebekish. 

Let's make a difference to the planet!

First, we have started producing bamboo bedding sets and multi-purpose
muslin covers. After 6 months, we have extended our product range to
produce breastfeeding covers, sleeping bags, stroller accessories and baby clothing.

Our aim is to introduce high quality eco friendly, natural Bebekish products with lots of parents in many countries. With its anti-bacterial and
anti-allergic nature, Bebekish products have become the choice of many people
around the world.

We believe that we can make a difference to our planet if we become more conscious about our choices.

eco friendly baby products
eco friendly bedding sets

Our Promise

Bebekish will continue designing harmless high quality, sustainable, natural and organic products while looking after the environment.

We challenge ourselves to reduce 50% of our carbon footprint by 2023.

We ensure that all people in our supply chain paid fairly and treated with dignity.

We set our goals to reduce the usage of water from growing of the bamboo to manufacture of our clothes, to the way to recycle.

Bebekish has Oekotex Standard 100 & GOTS Certificate for all products which are sourced and produced ethically.

"Because we care about our environment, our kids and their future"