Breastfeeding Cover

Some mums like privacy and they feel more comfortable feeding their baby in public with a nursing (breastfeeding) cover.

Babies love the softness of the nursing cover and they stay on the breast until they are completely full. As a result of it, your little one becomes more contented and happy.

Bebekish Nursing Cover provides full coverage to mums while breastfeeding. Mums can have an eye contact with their babies through adjustable open neck.

Happy babies, happy parents!

Customer reviews
The quality is lovely it’s super soft. I give this cover full marks as the packaging is all recyclable, it is environmentally friendly, whilst being soft, lightweight, breathable and providing good coverage. The open neckline is good as you can see baby at all times.
— K.Cotrell - L. 7 months
The cover is a gorgeous, soft and light material and is so lovely to the touch. The design is really nice- I went for the black with stars on and it was really attractive, and easily went with lots of outfits. Being able to see my baby is latching properly was really helpful. The additional benefit of air flow is how lightweight the material is – very breathable. It is really light weight and so, so soft!
I loved the added extra that a tree is planted on your behalf when purchasing and how environmentally friendly this is. Overall I would recommend this to others.
— Z. Hutt
I liked how this one allowed the baby to look up through the ring and not be completely shrouded in darkness. The fact this provides airflow and allows you to see baby is latching properly worked so well. My previous two breastfeeding covers didn’t allow this and I would often ‘dive’ under them blocking my view in public so I could be getting robbed. Really enjoyed using this product, it’s a keeper and I will be recommending it to friends.
— Author's name