Sensory Muslin Blanket for Toddlers - Cool Star


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At Bebekish, we understand the unique challenges faced by children with ADHD, autism and sensory disorders. Our Bamboo Muslin Blanket Cool Star has been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort and sensory support, offering a soothing haven for kids who need it most.

The Power of Bebekish Bamboo Muslin for Sensory Comfort:

Crafted from 100% bamboo, our muslin blanket offers an exceptionally gentle touch, ideal for children with sensory sensitivities. The softness and breathability of bamboo create a secure and comforting tactile experience. 

Bamboo is also hypoallergenic, allowing children to enjoy the softness they desire without compromising their health.

A Soothing Sensory Blanket:

For kids with ADHD, autism, and sensory disorders, the world can often be overwhelming. Our bamboo muslin blanket Cool Star becomes a trusted companion, offering a sensory haven where they can find comfort and reassurance during moments of sensory sensitivity.

Versatile and Supportive:

More than just a blanket, our Bamboo Muslin Blanket is a versatile sensory tool that can be used for various purposes – as a sensory toy, a calming cocoon, or a source of tactile delight during moments of sensory exploration.

Crafted with Care:

At Bebekish, we prioritize the well-being of your child and the environment. Our bamboo muslin blankets are ethically sourced and produced, ensuring a responsible and sustainable choice for parents who value comfort, versatility, and eco-consciousness.

Dimensions: 120cmx120cm 

    The benefits of sensory blankets?

    Autistic children often have sensory sensitivities, and soft blankets can provide them with comfort and a sense of security. The soft texture of the blanket can offer a soothing tactile experience, helping to regulate sensory input and reduce sensory overload, which is common in individuals with autism. Soft blankets can serve as a calming and familiar sensory tool, providing a predictable and comfortable sensation that helps autistic children manage their sensory needs.

    What is our difference?

    Bebekish products are designed by mums who want to have the best quality, stylish, organic, natural, anti allergic and breathable products for their little ones.

    All our products are sourced and produced ethically. OEKOTEX Standard 100 or GOTS certification is applied for all products.

    Protecting our planet is one of our core value. We will make our world greener and cleaner with you. We plant 1 tree for every product sold. Let's make this world better for our kids.

    "Because we care about our babies, their future and our planet"