Dolphin Organic Baby Dungaree

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Bebekish Dolphin Organic Dungaree is one of the softest bamboo infant clothing. Our newborn dungarees are to provide natural, organic soft baby clothes that your baby can be comfortable all day along. 

Bebekish signature fabric is super soft and comfortable. It keeps your baby warm and cosy in winter, cool in summer.

You can wear the dungarees all year along with bodysuit inside or without a bodysuit. 

Adjustable straps allow longer use and you can tie it wherever you want. Bebekish organic dungarees grow with your baby. There are nickel free poppers on crotch which allows you to change your baby's nappy.

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  • Made from 70% sustainable bamboo and 30% GOTS certified organic cotton 
  • High quality organic newborn clothes
  • Dolphin print on chest 
  • Adjustable straps
  • Nickel free poppers on crotch 

All Bebekish products are sourced and produced ethically. Bebekish products are eco friendly and have OEKOTEX and GOTS Certificate. 

As part of our sustainability principle, Bebekish uses only 100% natural cotton bags to reduce the use of cardboard or plastic in all its products. We send information cards to our customers, but we will manage all our other customer relations from the digital platform. 

Why bamboo?

 All Bebekish muslin cloths are 100% bamboo. Because bamboo:

  • Sustainable, organic, and eco-friendly bamboo is naturally anti allergic because it has a unique antimicrobial agent called "bamboo-ku" that kills bacteria and other microbes. As a result, fewer bacteria prevent irritated or eczema prone skin from becoming infected. 
  • Bamboo also regulates body temperature of little ones so that they can have a good sleep. Our natural bamboo muslin swaddles make mums life easier by cuddling little ones whole night, keeping them safe and cosy.
  • It is a luxurious feeling that your newborn baby will love it.
It has helped us a lot with dealing with allergies and I am sure that it will help other families too.
Why organic cotton?

If your little one is experiencing allergies or suffering from skin irritations and this is not food related, it is time to reconsider and switch to a different fabric or clothing material to purchase. Organic cotton is one of the best options that your little one can have. 

Cotton is used widely in our lives from kitchen to the bedroom. Because of commercial farming methods, ordinary cotton may contain impurities that could trigger allergic reactions in some babies and even adults. This is where organic cotton comes in handy.

What is Organic Cotton Farming?

Organic cotton grows without using fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. With this kind of farming method, cotton trees are not sprayed or treated with any chemical. Organic cotton farming results into a sustainable environment as it helps maintains soil fertility and harvests chemical free cotton.

Traditional method of growing cotton not only jeopardizes the environment but also everyone who grows such cotton as well. Other than that, here are more benefits of wearing organic cotton clothing:

 1. Environment-Friendly

Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton is one of the most environmentally friendly options as it does not have a harsh manufacturing process. 

The production of organic cotton fabric uses less energy, releases fewer greenhouse gases and due to the improved soil quality, uses significantly less water.

The health of workers are also not compromised. Lastly, the use of excessive fertilizers and pesticides also cause irreparable damage to the environment.

 2. Safety Standards

Organic clothing products are safer as manufacturing process are strict and maintained by manufacturing standards. This is not only to minimize negative impact to the environment but to ensure customers can have better quality of cotton. 

 3. Avoid Allergies and Skin Concerns

Organic cotton products are safer and better for skin. Newborn babies have very sensitive skin in the first two years of their lives. We want to make sure that they have the highest quality products when they are babies to avoid skin irritations for future. 

Organic cotton products are softer and safer for the skin, as the fibres are much longer, compared to regular cotton.

 4. Save Money for Medical Bills

With better quality products and reduced exposure to allergens, your little ones will be more comfortable wearing clothes and will worry less about health and medical concerns. You then save on purchasing medical creams for your little ones. 

When you use organic cotton clothing you help farmers too. They are no longer exposed to dangerous pesticides and chemicals. They will be healthier and will similarly not have to worry about medical issues and bills. 

 5. Improved Emotional and Mental Health

Little ones and farmers will benefit an improved emotional and mental health as they do not need to deal with skin conditions.

 6. Helps Everyone Become Responsible Citizens

Organic cotton clothing helps people to consider about their health, their environment and also other people such as farmers. We become more responsible citizens. 

You and your little one will realise the benefits of wearing organic clothing now and in the future. Less skin irritations will help your baby to be happy day and night. Also, he or she will less likely to have skin irritations in the future. 


Baby Clothing: 70% bamboo, 30% GOTS certified organic cotton

Machine wash at 30C 

Easy iron

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However, you are very important to us! We want to make sure that we provide 100% Customer Satisfaction so we offer FREE RETURN after you receive your order. Otherwise, enjoy your order and keep us posted how we do!

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Baby sleep is important to us as well as it is important to you as a parent

Sleep is important for our immune system at any age to become as a healthy person. Especially it is more important for babies as their immune system is still immature not as strong as adults.

Newborns spends 70% of their time asleep, sleeping often but short periods.

As a parent, we need to ensure that we provide peaceful, relaxing and secure sleeping area for our babies.

Bebekish offers super soft, breathable baby sleep suits, anti allergic and anti bacterial bamboo bedding sheets and moisture absorbent muslin cloths to ensure that your baby has the best bedding clothes and accessories and she will not to be disturbed whole day and night.

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What is our difference?

Bebekish products are designed by mums who want to have the best quality, stylish, organic, natural, anti allergic and breathable products for their little ones.

All our products are sourced and produced ethically. OEKOTEX Standard 100 or GOTS certification is applied for all products.

Protecting our planet is one of our core value. We will make our world greener and cleaner with you. We plant 1 tree for every product sold. Let's make this world better for our kids.

"Because we care about our babies, their future and our planet"