Every parents are different however, the difficulties that we all face are the same. As an experienced parents, there are some of the things that we would like to remind you when you are on holiday! 

Holiday Tips 

Plan Ahead

Research your destination and accommodations to ensure they are family-friendly and equipped for young children. Make sure you have enough clothing and nappies if your journey takes longer than you think.


Pack Wisely 

Do not pack too many clothes however, make sure that you have practical essentials like Bebekish Muslin Cloth.

You can use Bebekish Muslin Swaddles;

- as a blanket when your baby is sleeping,

- on the beach as a beach towel,

- covering pushchair when your baby is asleep,

- as a pushchair cloth, if your baby is too hot

- breastfeeding cover if you are breastfeeding in public

- Our Bamboo Muslins also protects your baby's skin from UV rays. Great for playing on the beach!! 

They perfectly fit in your luggage as they are lightweight and can be used for lots of things. More than a few will get you through this holiday perfectly.  

Safety first

 Ensure your accommodation is baby-safe, and if necessary, baby-proof the living space by removing potential hazards. Always use car seats during travel and follow safety guidelines.


Stick to a routine

Try to maintain your baby's regular routine as much as possible. Stick to familiar feeding, nap, and bedtime schedules to help them feel more secure and comfortable. Bebekish Car Seat Covers and Large Muslin Clothes are great to keep your baby's routine on schedule. 


Sun protection

If your holiday involves spending time outdoors, ensure your baby is protected from the sun. Use sunscreen (for babies older than six months), hats, and lightweight clothing that covers their skin. Keep Bebekish Muslins on them at the beach. Bamboo protects your baby's skin from UV rays. 


Be flexible

While routines are essential, be prepared for unexpected changes and be flexible when necessary. Babies can be unpredictable, so go with the flow and adapt your plans accordingly.


Capture the moments

 Take plenty of pictures and videos to preserve the memories of your baby's first holiday. Join our Community and send us pictures!! 

Remember that traveling with babies might require more patience and preparation, but with proper planning and a positive attitude, it can be a rewarding experience for the entire family.

Enjoy the journey and cherish the time spent together!