Every baby has a different need for sleep . Some babies sleep long time of a period and others in short burst. Some sleep through the night, whereas some don't sleep for a long period of time. 

Your baby will have their own sleep pattern and it will be unlikely to be the same as other babies you know. But don't panic or do not think that there is something wrong with your baby, just help your baby to sleep longer is she needs it. 

If you're breastfeeding, in the early weeks your baby is likely to be tired of breastfeeding and will doze off for short periods during a feed. You can carry on feeding until your baby is finished but make sure that your baby does not sleep on your breast. Just before she is falling a sleep, separate your breast and either she will carry on breastfeeding or she will cry. This is a good time that you can snooze off as well. If you are not tired or do not want to sleep, don't worry about keeping the house silent while she sleeps. It is better that your baby gets used to the noise during the day. 

It is a good idea that you teach your baby day and night time from the start. Day time open the curtains, play with your child, go out, do not worry about the noise at home. 
However at night you should do the followings;
- Have a bedtime routine - the most common bedtime routine is bathing, reading a book and feeding. 
If your baby's skin is sensitive, they may not like the bath. Try our Bebekish Muslin Swaddles instead of bath towel. The softness of the muslin will calm your baby down. Bebekish Bamboo Muslins are highly absorbent so you will not need a towel to dry your baby. 
- Swaddling your baby - swaddling makes babies feel that they are in the womb again and make them feel secure. Bebekish Bamboo Muslin Swaddles are perfect for swaddling. Super soft and generous size is ideal for swaddling, maintains body temperature so your baby is not cold or warm. 
- Choose anti allergic products for sleeping  - If you have a dust allergy or eczema, it is more likely that your child will have it too. You may not realise this at a later age. So it is always safe to choose organic and bamboo sleeping products for your child. Bebekish Organic Cotton and Bamboo Bodysuits, Sleepsuits and Bamboo Beddings are perfect for allergic kids. 
- Keep your voice low and light down 
- Do not play with your child 
Your baby will soon learn night time for sleeping. 
Every child has different sleeping needs. Their total sleep needs vary. 


Newborn babies need 16-18 hours sleep for a day in total. Nigh time sleep can be 8-9 hours. 

3- 6 months old 

They sleep average of 14-15 hours a day in total. Nigh time sleep can be 9-10 hours. They can have 4-5 hours daytime sleep with 3-4 naps. 

6-12 months old 

They generally sleep for 14 hours a day. 10-11 hours can be night time sleep and 3-4 hours daytime sleep with 2-3 naps. 

12 -18 months 

They need to sleep around 14 hours a day. 10-11 hours can be night time sleep and 3-4 hours daytime sleep with 1-2 naps. 

2 years onwards 

Most kids do not want to sleep after 2 years old. They start to be active all day. If they do not sleep during the day, they will start sleeping a bit earlier as they still need at least 11-13 hours sleep a day. 

How to deal with disturbed nights? 

Newborn babies wake up a few times in the night. Waking up at night could be very disturbing and difficult to cope with. 

If you have partner ask them for help. If you are formula feeding, ask your partner to feed your baby at night so that you could sleep. If you are breastfeeding your partner can take up early morning dressing so you can go back to sleep. 

As your baby grows, sleep pattern will change accordingly. As your baby enters into different stages of growth, you may find yourself sleeping throughout the night to waking up every 2 hours. Growth spurt, teething and illnesses play an active role in this changes. 

If your baby is having trouble sleeping please speak to your health visitor.

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