When it comes to baby essentials, there's one item that deserves a special place in your collection: The Muslin Cloth.

But why stop at just one?

Let us share with you why one muslin is not enough for moms, and how embracing the versatility and practicality of multiple muslin cloths can make your life so much easier.

Once you start using muslin swaddle blankets you will never stop for years. They are the best things to use when you have a baby and toddler. Especially if you find a super soft ones like Bebekish Muslin Swaddles, you will never stop using them. 

Many mums prefer between 4-8 muslin swaddles. If you are planning taking a muslin swaddle with you to a hospital, we suggest to have at least 3-4 just in case if baby spit out. You can use the large muslin swaddles in the hospital as a crib sheet, blanket, swaddle and breastfeeding cover. 

The best thing with muslin swaddles are they are so versatile. They can be used as a push chair cover and bath towel. Especially lightweight and absorbent Bamboo Muslin Swaddles are perfect for all babies. 

Take a look at our sustainable bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blankets which are made from 100% bamboo and they are super large 120cmx120cm. 

1) Constant Companion:

Muslin cloths quickly become your trusted sidekick throughout your parenting journey. Whether it's for feeding, burping, wiping little faces, or catching spills, having multiple muslins ensures you always have a clean and handy cloth ready for any situation. 


2) On-the-Go Essential:

As a mom on the move, having a muslin cloth in your diaper bag or stroller is a game-changer. From impromptu picnic blankets to sunshades and nursing covers, muslins come to the rescue whenever you need them, ensuring you're prepared for any outing.

3) Comfort and Security:

Muslin cloths provide comfort and security for your little one. They can be used for swaddling, providing a cozy and soothing environment for your baby to rest. Having multiple muslins means you can rotate and have fresh ones available for optimal comfort.

4) Sharing is Caring:

Let's face it, babies can go through muslin cloths pretty quickly. Having multiple on hand allows you to share with fellow moms in need or pass them down as heirlooms, spreading the love and practicality of muslin cloths.

So, moms, embrace the versatility and practicality of having more than one muslin cloth. Stock up on these versatile essentials, and you'll discover just how invaluable they are in your daily parenting routine.

Remember, one muslin is great, but having multiple muslins is a mom's secret weapon. Embrace the joy of muslins and make your life a little easier, one cloth at a time.