Establishing a consistent bedtime routine is crucial for helping babies develop healthy sleep habits and promoting a peaceful transition to bedtime. Here are some elements you can incorporate into a bedtime routine for your baby.

Step 1 - Fun bath time

A bath is a great way of relaxing your baby. Set a water temperature that is not too hot and too cold for your baby. You can check the water temperature by dipping your elbow. You should always check the water temperature before placing your little one. After a bath make sure that baby's room is not too cold for her. You should always wrap her with soft towel and place her on the changing table. Bebekish muslin cloths are incredibly soft and keeps your baby warm after the bath.


Step 2 - Massaging your baby
Your baby will love a massage after the bath and it is a great way of preparing your baby for sleep. Also, massage is excellent for blood circulation. You can use either a massage oil, olive oil or a cream.  It is one of the best time to bond with your baby. According to the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM), baby massage may help to stimulate the digestive system. This might help babies with colic, gas, cramps and constipation.  

Step 3 - Feeding a baby
Your baby is ready to have her milk and go to sleep. Before you sit down to feed your little one, you should soften the lights, put soft classic music and draw the curtains to allow her to adjust to the idea of becoming a night time and she should go to sleep. When you finish, make sure that you burp her before you put her for sleep.


Step 4 - Swaddling your little one or putting her into a sleeping bag
In the first three months, your baby may like to be swaddled as it recreates the secure, cosy feeling of the womb. It helps little ones sleep longer. Swaddling decreases the chance of waking your baby with moro reflex. Moro reflex is a sudden movement or a feeling like they are falling down and they extend their arms to wake themselves. In order to avoid this, swaddling is a great way for babies to sleep more soundly.

Step 5 - Sleep time
Your baby now ready for bed. After swaddling your baby with sustainable Bebekish bamboo muslin cloths, you can place her to the cot. You can still keep playing the classical music until your baby goes to sleep. You make sure that you check your baby regularly to make sure that she is safely secured in her bed.

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