Muslins is a finely and loosely woven fabric dating all the back to ancient India. Muslins can be woven with a cotton, organic cotton, bamboo or bamboo and cotton mixture. They can be in different weights depending on the usage of the thread. Muslin sometimes calls as a receiving blankets. Receiving blankets are used to receive the baby after the baby is born. Babies typically wrapped up after delivery to dry and keep them warm.

Bebekish Muslin Blankets are used in the hospital as a receiver blanket as they are extremely soft, easy to wash and dry and also anti allergic for babies with sensitive skin. 

Swaddle is a fabric that helps newborns to settle down to sleep by wrapping them gently and lightly.

Muslins can be used for swaddling. Although Bamboo Muslins are the most suitable type of the muslins that are used for swaddling. Because they are lightweight, breathable and super soft. 

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