What is Bonding?

Bonding and attachment happen when you consistently respond to newborns with love, warmth and care. Newborns use body language to show when they want to connect with you. Good ways to bond with new borns include smiling, eye contact, singing, reading and cuddling.


Why is bonding with a baby important?            

When you response to your baby’s needs, your baby will feel secure and safe. They develop healthier relationship with other people around them. You do not have to feel the bond when you see your baby. It can take some time. 

As long as you take care of your baby’s needs such as cuddling, smiling, showing your affection and feeding, she will not suffer if you do not feel the bond at first sight. 

Some dads feel bonded straight away when they hold their baby, for some dads it may take some time. This is perfectly normal. Everyone is different. You may help your partner recover from the birth so take it easy and give some time yourself to bond with your baby. 

In the past researches were suggesting to spend a lot of time with your newborn during the first few days to establish a bond right away. However, bonding takes time.

Parents who are separated from their baby soon after delivery for medical reasons or who adopt their kids later in childhood also develop close, loving relationships.

The most important part of it, you should not feel guilty if you did not bond with your baby immediately. Give some time to yourself and your newborn baby.


What are the best ways to bond?

  • Have skin-skin cuddling time. 
  • Talk and sing to him regularly, with your eyes looking into his eyes and your face up close.
  • Play with him every day. Newborns enjoy playtime as much as older babies. 
  • Carry your baby in a sling or front carrier on walks. 
  • Hold him close and read to your baby.
  • Communicate with your baby by mirroring his movements or echo his coos and other vocalisations. These are the first step of communicate with your little one. 
  • It sounds strange but talk to your baby throughout the day. It may be difficult at the beginning because it sounds like you are talking to yourself. But it will start to feel more natural if you keep it up.

Please note that these are the general advice for parents from parents. For professional advice please consult your doctor.