When your baby is born it is normal that he/she wants to be held in your arms. This is not a habit but it is a need. Think about this from your baby's point of view. After being inside of you for nine months in a  cosy and warm environment and being squashed in your tummy, it is normal that your baby will want to be held to feel secure. It is really important that your baby feels that he/she is in a secure place. All babies are different but many babies are agitated when they are put down in their crib while they are awake and make fuss about it. 

That does not mean that your baby will want to be held every time he/she goes to sleep. It means that they can gradually get used to sleep on their own. You can help your baby learn how to soothe himself. Your baby may wake up hungry from his sleep or something catches his attention. 

When your baby is newborn, it is important to swaddle your baby so that he/she does not wake him/herself from the sleep. You should always check on your baby regularly when swaddling. Always use safety and breathable items to use it. 

Bebekish offers perfect swaddling muslin cloth for your baby. 100% bamboo muslin swaddles are breathable, lightweight, safe, anti allergic and anti bacterial for your little one. 

Butterfly Effect Bamboo Muslin Swaddle


When your baby gets older, you can make your baby's crib more interesting for him by changing his mobile time to time or give him a safe comforter so that your baby can spend some time with it to soothe himself. 

Keep in mind that these times are transitional measures. Gradually within the six months your baby will learn how to sleep on his own and will require your less help over time.