Everyone loves silky soft clothes, especially newborns... 

Bamboo is one of the best sustainable materials. It is natural, organically grown, super soft, anti allergic and anti bacterial. Bamboo baby clothing is ideal for babies because babies also have a very sensitive skin. 

Breathable bamboo reduces the chances of allergies, it is durable, protects your baby's skin from UV rays and can be worn anytime and anywhere. It maintains body temperature so it is perfect for summer and winter. 

Benefits of Bamboo Baby Clothing 

1 - Super Soft Bamboo

Newborn babies have sensitive skin and the baby clothes should be as soft as possible for their delicate skin. The softness of the bamboo allows yoru baby stay comfortable all day. 

2- Breathable 

All parents are concern about the health of their baby. All common question is that "are baby clothes breathable?" Because your baby cannot tell you whether they are cold or hot. The only thing they can do is to cry or being uncomfortable all day. 

Bamboo is super breathable so your baby can be comfortable all day. Babies generally can be overheated at night or while playing, bamboo solves this problem perfectly providing comfort to your baby throughout the day. 

3- Anti Allergic 

Bamboo is also naturally anti allergic material. This property of bamboo stays for a long time. Especially it is excellent for babies who have skin irritations,  allergies or skin conditions such as eczema. 

Bamboo is also so smooth so it does not rub against your babies skin. Breathability of bamboo provides air to the skin, reduces the chances of having any skin irritations. 

4 - Anti Bacterial

There has been a test between bamboo material against linen, cotton, polyester, silk and so on. As a result, bamboo holds the highest anti bacterial properties. Also, bamboo kills the bacterias up to 99.8% 

Anti bacterial bamboo makes sure that your baby stay odorless from sweat and helps reduce any bacteria that may grown on their skin creating skin issues like eczema or fungal. 

5 - Maintains body temperature 

Bamboo is perfect for keeping your baby's body temperature as it is which is crucial for newborns not being overheated. 

Bamboo keeps your baby warm in winter and cool in summer. It is ideal for cold nights and hot summers. 

6 - Stretchy 

Bamboo baby clothes are so stretchy and gives freedom to babies move freely. Babies play all day and they want to feel comfortable. Bamboo baby clothing provides comfort to your baby all day. 

7 - Absorbent 

Bamboo naturally absorbs sweat from your baby's skin. Your baby likes moving and playing all day and they got hot during the day. Bamboo baby clothes help babies stay cool and fresh by absorbing moisture more than other materials. 

8 - Eco friendly 

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plant in the world. It grows up to 40metre in just couples of months. Choosing bamboo clothing will reduce the impact on the environment.

Bamboo uses less natural resources, no toxins and also benefits its soil allowing for new growth. 

9 - Durable 

Bamboo just needs water to grow so it is super durable fabric that your baby can have. Washing them in cold water and allow them line dry in the sun will retain its properties as mentioned above. 

You can also keep your bamboo baby clothes for the next ones. 

10 - Naturally UV Protectant 

Your baby's skin is ultra sensitive to sun. Bamboo baby clothing can reduce the sun burns and protects your baby's skin up to UV 20-50+. 

There is no any other materials that protects your baby's skin naturally from the sun as much as bamboo does. 


Bamboo is the best eco friendly and sustainable material you can have for yor baby's sensitive skin. It is incredibly beneficial to use bamboo baby clothing to have a healthy skin and life for your baby.