Conventional cotton production relies heavily on the agrochemical pesticides (9% of world's usage), insecticides (20% of the world's usage) and chemical fertilisers (8% of the world's usage). All of these chemicals harms human health and world's eco-system. 77 million farmers suffer from pesticides poisoning. 

Conventional cotton production requires high usage of water and energy consumption. The use of water consumption in cotton farming creates incredibly environment challenges. Cotton is generally grown in places where water is in short supply such as Mediterranean, Australia, India, Pakistan and west United States. Extensive usage of water affects natural resources and eco system possible groundwater depletion. 

The soil quality has reduced due to the usage of highly intense chemicals, non-organic farming methods. 

Harmful substances and the results 

During the conventional cotton production process, there is widespread use of harmful chemicals in the dying, washing and printing process which cause allergies and rashes. Babies have sensitive skins so they are the most vulnerable to chemical exposure. 

GOTS Certification 

GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standards) is the worldwide standards for organic fibres. GOTS ensures that the process of the manufacturing through its strict rules and regulations throughout the supply chain of a product. 

Why is organic cotton clothing better for babies?

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- Protects your baby's skin

Babies skin is very sensitive when they are born in the development stage (0-2 years). Babies skin absorbs nearly everything it comes in contact with including harmful chemicals comes from then products. Organic cotton products which are certified by GOTS are not harmful to babies. Every single stage of the production process has been certified by GOTS means that the products do not contain any harmful substances. 

- High quality and soft clothes: 

GOTS certifies organic cotton products have better quality than conventional cotton. They are softer and do not irritate baby's sensitive skin. 

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- Better for the environment (Air, Soil and Water) 

Organic cotton farming methods are better and safer for the environment. It uses less water and energy. It uses 94% less greenhouse gas emission. 

- Health and economical benefits for farmers 

Organic cotton farming process does not harm farmers and their family. As the farmers use saved seeds instead of GMO, they are free from signing up contracts. Farmers have better working conditions and their family becomes healthier. 

- Bring awareness and builds conscious consumers

By switching our choice to GOTS certified organic cotton products, we reduce our carbon footprint, support our environment and protect our health. The growing awareness amongst the consumers creates a demand and more companies use organic cotton as a material. 

In our research shows that the conventional cotton may harm your baby's sensitive skin. Choosing GOTS certifies organic cotton products will help creating a healthy future for your baby. 

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As Bebekish our aim is to create chemical free, healthy and anti allergic, super soft clothing for babies so that they can be happy, healthy and comfy all day.

"Because we care about our babies, our environment and their future