What is Sustainable Living? 

Sustainable living aims to reduce personal and societal environmental impact by making positive changes to climate change and other negative environmental concerns. 

It is a way of reducing humans "carbon footprint". Sustainable living encourages people to use wisely on Earth's resources and reduce the damages of human interaction in order to meet their need's.  

What can we do to reduce our impact on environment?

- Recycling  

- Cut out plastics 

- Minimise food waste 

- Save water

- Use eco friendly products: Don't buy fast fashion clothes. Instead buy organic or natural products 

- Reduce the use of electricity 

- Grow vegetables and herbs 

- Reduce air travelling 

- Plant trees 

- Cycle more where you can instead of driving 

- Eat less red meat 

- Switch to clean energy 

- Make your home more energy efficient 

As Bebekish, we produce only organic and natural products that are not harmful to our little one's skin. We think about our babies, however we also think about our environment. Organic products uses less energy and less water. There are no chemicals used in the production which leaves a cleaner world to our little one's. 

We plant a tree for every product sold. We want to make sure that we will have a breathable air in the future before it gets too late. 

The state of the environment is pretty grim and we are all responsible of it. 

As a person, you may feel inadequate to change the world but collectively we can have a huge impact on change. If we can all change the way we are living and think more about the environment, as a result of it, our world will change too. 

Even if one person read this article and decides to cycle to work then you've made an impact. 

Let's spread the word to everyone that we know. Let's make this planet much better place for our kids.