This amazing plant grows in tropical and temperate environments and is very hardy, not needing pesticides or herbicides to grow well. It is a type of grass and grows from it’s roots, when it is cut it quickly grows back with most species maturing in 3-5 years.  


  • Antibacterial bamboo improves your baby's skin by just wearing bamboo clothes. 

  • Breathable bamboo provides comfort to your baby all day and night. Especially organically grown bamboo muslin swaddles, bodysuits and sleepsuits are perfect for all day and night wear. 

Organic Baby Bodysuit

  • Super soft bamboo is incredibly comfortable. It does not irritate your baby's skin. Your baby will be very comfortable with wearing bamboo sweatshirt , casual joggers and dungaree during the day. 

Organic Bamboo Dungaree

  • Highly sweat absorbent: bamboo muslins absorbs more water than cottons so you can use it as a bath towel or sea towel. 

Organic Bamboo Muslin

  • Hypoallergenic - Bamboo does not cause any skin irritations to your baby's skin. It is the best choice of clothing for your baby's sensitive skin. 
  • Naturally UV protectant - bamboo protects your baby's skin from the sun. Bamboo can provide UV protection up to SPF56 and the same effect will be on after several washes. It is the best to use Bebekish Muslin Swaddles at the beach as a sea towel or push chair cloth for your baby 

  • Organically grown bamboo without any need for chemical components so it is natural and organic for your baby. 

Organic Bamboo Bedding Set

  • Most eco-friendly fabric on the planet - It’s the fastest growing grass and can grow up to a yard or more per day. Growing bamboo improves soil quality and helps rebuild eroded soil

  • Bamboo minimise dust and mites. Dust mites love moisture and bamboo beddings reduce the moisture in your bed. So dust mites cannot live in there. 

Especially it is ideal to use as a bedding sets for newborn, allergic babies and kids.

Bebekish Bedding sets ensure better sleep for newborns and kids by eliminating dust mites and mold in the bed.