Many babies who don't like bathing when they are toddler. They may have a fear of getting water on their face, getting sucked down the drain or may be scared of pooping or peeing in the water. You are not alone! 

Fortunately, there are many parents tested many different ways of overcoming their toddlers fear. 

The best tips for bathing 

1 - Bathing with your toddler: 

" I had to bath with my daughter to overcome her fears of having bath. I was her while she is playing with her toys" 

2 - Bath toys: 

You can either take your toddlers favourite toys to bath or you can buy new bath toys for your toddler to play with them only in the bath. They will look forward to having bath. 

3 - Bubble party: 

No matter your toddlers age, bubble party always on the top of everybody's list. "As soon as I said to my son that we will have a bubble party in the bath, he instantly overcome his bath fear"

4 - Play beauty salon: 

I let my daughter to wash my hair first in the bath then I can was her hair. We pretend like we are in the beauty salon."

5 - Use soft muslin cloth after drying your toddler instead of bath towel: 

 Some kids may be very sensitive to some harsh materials. " I realised that my son hated getting dried with a bath towel. As soon as we start using a muslin cloth, he loved having bath every night" 

6 - Take a step back: 

"My son did not like bathing at all. So I took a month off bathing him, instead I wiped his body with a cloth every day. After a month later, he wanted to have a bath and still loves bathing."

If your toddler does not like bathing or have a fear of bathing, you can try to use the above suggestions. Every child is unique and different. Motherhood is a trial and error game. Good luck!