A child this age generally wants to do everything that they want to do. It is very difficult for them to hold on their emotions. They often scream, cry, stamp their feet or their fists. You have to understand they are going through lots of different emotions in a day and we have to be patience and understand their emotions.

Let your child know that it is ok to be upset – it’s simple a part of life. As mums we should let them know that they cannot get everything that they want all the time and there are some limitations in life. Also, solving every problem for them does not help your child’s development. They cannot learn how to deal with that feeling and cannot solve their problems.

How can we help our little ones?

Let her find out her true feelings first. Tell your child that it is ok to be upset and you sometimes can be upset too. That’s normal. If your little one is screaming or stamping their feet when they are angry, show her acceptable ways of vent her emotions such as punching pillows or stamping their feet.  

Once your little one gets through this stage, life will be much better for her and for you. Because she will be more independent, she can explain what she wants, and she is moving freely than before.

Two years old are learning fast and sometimes they disagree with parents. They also want to be liked by you too. Routines and consistency is key to help your child go through this stage.

Having said that every child is different. Not all kids go through terrible twos. So let your child some time to find out her true feelings and let them deal with these feelings.