Star Light Bamboo Breastfeeding Cover



Breastfeeding  is one of the most precious time for mums. Bebekish Breastfeeding Cover Star Light allows mums to have an eye contact with their baby while breastfeeding. 

It is made from 100% sustainable bamboo. It is eco friendly, super soft like silk, breathable, anti allergic and keeps baby cool while breastfeeding.  It is one of the softest and luxurious fabric that you could feel.

- it has an open neckline that holds the cover away from mom and baby, allowing them to maintain eye contact so they can continue to bond while breastfeeding on the go.

- secure and adjustable, the neck strap holds the nursing cover in place, giving you privacy and confidence while breastfeeding.

- All Bebekish products are sourced and produced ethically

- All Bebekish products have Oekotex Standard Certificate. 

- Dimensions: 95cmx70cm

- Machine washable

- Easy iron

The benefits of swaddling

Swaddling prevents unnecessary wake-ups caused a baby’s startle reflex. This
is because a swaddled baby’s arms and legs will be contained as they are
wrapped gently in a blanket which allows for a peaceful and longer night sleep
for baby and parents.

What is our difference?

Bebekish products are designed by mums who want to have the best quality, stylish, organic, natural, anti allergic and breathable products for their little ones.

All our products are sourced and produced ethically. OEKOTEX Standard 100 or GOTS certification is applied for all products.

Protecting our planet is one of our core value. We will make our world greener and cleaner with you. We plant 1 tree for every product sold. Let's make this world better for our kids.

"Because we care about our babies, their future and our planet"